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Yogi Detox Tea

The new name for Yogi teas delicious detox tea. Ayurveda is a practical and philosophical way of living, which evolved from the ancient cultures of India. Ayurveda means 'the science of life' and teaches that the universe consists of five energies or Tattvas: earth, air, water, fire and ether. As the different Tattvas mix and arrange themselves, so life is formed. Ayurveda recommends that the elements fire and air be in balance to insure the proper function of the metabolism. Detox tea contains a combination of herbs and spices, which have been used for centuries in India to support the internal cleansing process by adjusting the fire and air energies. Purify yourself each day by making Detox a regular part of your diet. Detox is also a great addition to a diet or a fast.

Ingredients: licorice*, cinnamon cassia*, burdock root*, ginger*, dandelion*, fennel seeds *, anis *, juniper berries*, coriander *, cardamom , black pepper *, parsley*, sage*, cloves*, turmeric*. The indicated * ingredients are grown in controlled organic culture. Box 15 tea bags.


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